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2015 Best Staffing Firms to Work For™  

Staffing Industry Analysts’ annual Best Staffing Firms to Work For survey is now an international program and is accepting nominations through November 28 for staffing firms in North America, and United Kingdom. We invite you to become part of this gold standard in staffing by surveying your employees to find out how your firm ranks among other staffing firms. Then canvas your temporary workers to see what qualities they look for in a staffing company. Plus every company who participates receives valuable feedback to help you understand your employees’ satisfaction.

SIA MagazineParticipation is free, unless your company requires paper surveys which carry a small processing fee.

If your firm becomes a finalist in the contest, it will be featured in the April 2015 issue of Staffing Industry Review.

Participant Schedule

nominations close

28 Nov 2014

survey closes

20 Jan 2015

finalists notified

10 Feb 2015

event date

16 Mar 2015

Click here for more details on the schedule

Below are the critical milestones for this program. If you have questions, please contact:

Please note that these dates are subject to change.

Dates Milestone Description
November 28, 2014 Nomination Deadline
January 13, 2015 Paper Survey Deadline. All paper surveys must be postmarked by this date.
January 20, 2015 All surveys close. Employees will have until the end of the day to complete their survey on-line.
February 10, 2015 Participants will be notified of their finalist status by this date.
March 16, 2015 Staffing Industry Analysts will announce the winners in each category at the 2015 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum March 16-19.
April, 2015 Winners will be featured in the April 2015 issue of Staffing Industry Review

Contact Us

For questions regarding this registration site or about the survey process, please contact:

Cassie Neary
Quantum Workplace

For all other questions, please contact:

Beth Lane
Staffing Industry Analysts

Nominate Now!

We're happy to have your company nominated for the 2015 Best Staffing Firms to Work For! Please select your region below to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of companies are eligible to participate in these contests?

These contests are open to any staffing firm operating in the US, Canada, and UK. If your company has offices in different regions you will need to nominate and survey each region separately. Staffing firms are defined as providers of temporary/contract staffing, employee leasing/PEO services, direct hire/placement services or outplacement. Your firm must have a minimum of 20 internal employees (not counting temps or contractors placed on assignment).

Why should my company participate?

The contest presents a great PR opportunity--a way to learn what your employees are really thinking, and provides you with valuable information you can use to improve your day-to-day operations and workplace environment. Winning firms will be honored at an awards event during the Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum in March 2015 as well as receive recognition in Staffing Industry Review magazine and other Staffing Industry Analysts’ publications. If your company is chosen as a finalist or winner, you may promote the Best Staffing Firms to Work For awards to clients and prospective employees (both internal and temporary/contract). You may also use the Best Staffing Firms to Work For logos on your websites and recruiting materials. And you may use the award in your public relations programs.

Is there a cost to participate?

Participation is free, unless your company requires paper surveys which carry a small processing fee. For companies that want to dig into the results, Quantum Workplace offers optional advanced reporting options at a reasonable cost.

Which employees are eligible to take the survey?

You should invite all current employees, both internal employees and recent temporary/contract workers (i.e., those placed on assignment after June 30, 2014). A splitter question at the very beginning of the survey will direct internal employees to one survey, and temporary/contract workers to another survey.

Can I invite just one category of employee participants (i.e. internal or temporary/contract) rather than both?

Yes. However, inasmuch as this is a free opportunity to elevate the profile of your firm to all potential employees, we strongly recommend that you invite both groups.

What categories of awards will there be?

There are multiple award categories:

  • Best Staffing Firms to Work For North America: Internal employees, with one award each for small, medium, large and extra large staffing firms
  • Best Staffing Firms to Temp For North America: Temporary and Contract Employees.
  • Best Staffing Firms to Work For United Kingdom.

Will my company receive the survey results?

Yes, all participating companies will receive an Overview report. This report shows how your company scored in each of the 10 engagement categories with respect to internal employees. You will also have the opportunity to purchase one of three report packages for more in-depth survey results. The report packages will be available for purchase any time after the survey launch. With respect to temporary/contract employees, participating companies will also receive their net promoter score.

Do all of the internal employees at my company need to complete the survey?

All eligible employees should be invited to take the survey. To reach a 95 percent confidence level with a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percent, you will need to achieve employee participation based on the following percentages per size of organization for your company to be considered an honoree:

  • 20 to 51 internal employees = 85%
  • 51 - 150 internal employees = 70%
  • 151 – 500 internal employees = 50%
  • 501 - 1,000 internal employees = 30%
  • 1,001 - 3,000 internal employees = 15%
  • 3,001 - 5,000 internal employees = 8%
  • More than 5,000 internal employees = 5%

These same participation requirements separately govern the temporary/contract employee survey.

How is the survey distributed to my employees?

The contact person at your company will facilitate the survey invitations for your employees.

Is the survey anonymous?

The employee survey is strictly confidential and anonymous. Your company will have access to survey results at the aggregate level to help you understand and build engagement.

What if my company does not make the Best Staffing Firms to Work For list?

You will still receive access to your free Category report and will have the opportunity to purchase reports to help improve employee engagement. Only the names of the top performing companies will be made public, lower scoring firms will remain anonymous. Your company name will not be placed on any list and will not be printed in Staffing Industry Analysts’ publications. There is NO RISK to participation.

Does customizing my survey affect the way my results are scored?

No, customizations do not affect the way your results are scored for the purposes of the contest. Custom questions and non-market employees are excluded from the calculations. For more information, contact Corey Farley at Quantum Workplace at +1-316-210-9393.

How will the winners be notified?

Finalists will be notified by Staffing Industry Analysts by February 10, 2015. Winners will be announced during the Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum, March 16-19, 2015 in Orlando, Florida.